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Claudia's Cove [userpic]

Below you will find my LOTRips fic, RPS based on the actors of LOTR.
THere are not many and the pairings vary...;-)

Real Person Fiction

Short Stories

Pink Champagne, Elijah/Orlando Bloom Party at Orli’s. Maybe. NC17

Mining, Dom/Karl Dom and Karl relive old times in a 13th century castle in Scotland. rated R.

Works in Progress

Path Into Fire, Viggo/Elijah, rated R. In a non-descript Midwest town, Elijah works as a therapist to special needs children and lives with his roommate Viggo. After saving the life of one of his charges, he is gifted a deadly ability to see visions of chaos and death in a country that seemingly doesn’t exist on a map.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (Coming)

path into fire

I was enjoying this! Is it ever going to be fininshed, she nagged!

Re: path into fire

I sure hope so!!! :-))) Thank you, sweetie!