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Claudia's Cove [userpic]

General Fiction

Below you will find my general fiction, hurt/comfort fiction. These vary from graphic h/c to mild comfort to gen canon to gen alternate universe. None are above a PG13 rating.

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  1. Short Stories
  2. Completed Multi-chapter Stories
  3. Works-in-Progress (WIPs)

Short Stories

A Day at the Market, PG13 Frodo gets into a little trouble in a Bree market.

After the Fall, G, Frodo recovers from a fall.

All Else Fades, PG13, Sam must make a difficult decision after Shelob fells Frodo.

A Most Unpleasant Task, PG13, Strider is sent to find a hobbit of the Shire.

An Unexpected Visit, PG, A stranger comes to Bag End.

An Unfinished Tale of Sam, G, Sam's thoughts on the quest in drabbles

A Present, G, Aragorn brings Frodo a gift of comfort in the Houses of Healing.

At the End of All Things, G, A series of drabbles from Mordor until the Gray Havens, from Sam and Frodo's points of view.

Burning in Ithilien, PG, Frodo takes ill just before capture by Faramir's men.

Coney Stew, G, Frodo and Sam and Rosie post-quest.

Elanor's Dreme, G, Elanor offers Sam comfort.

Faramir's Choice, PG, Frodo has been hurt by his rough treatment by Faramir’s men.

Five Things Frodo Thought About as he Sailed, G, Five Things challenge.

Flame, PG, Ring's point of view at the time of destruction.

Foul Heart, PG13, What if Faramir had taken the Ring from Frodo? Warning: Dark fic, some violence, death of a major character

Friendship and Laughter, G, Frodo and Aragorn talk and laugh.

Frost, G, Frodo contemplates the possibility that all might not be all right at home upon returning from quest. written for sophinisba.

Healing Hands, G, Frodo receives comfort after the quest from the King.

Heavy Burden, G, Boromir tries to comfort Frodo after Moria (movieverse).

Hope Found, G, Frodo and Boromir talk in Rivendell, the night before the council.

Laughter, G, Gandalf's point of view upon Frodo's awakening in Ithilien.

Light, G, Frodo and Elrond discuss severing the ties to Middle earth.

Lingering, G, Letting go is difficult when ghosts haunt.

Mercy, PG, Faramir learns mercy from Frodo. Written for a Waymeet challenge. Warning: Wee bit of violence at beginning

On Leaving, G, How Frodo's leaving affects Merry.

Over the Edge, PG13, Aragorn comes to Bree to investigate the death of a dear friend and finds more than he bargained for. Warnings: character death, disturbing images, severe angst.

Peony, G, Frodo finds a kitten.

Riders to the Sea, G, Frodo wanders far from home and meets a hurt Ranger. (Written for a waymeet challenge).

Riding the Waves, G, Frodo finds comfort in the sea.

Strange as News From Bree, PG, In this AU scenario, Frodo and his cousins go to Bree for the purpose of gathering notes for a book about Bree hobbits.

Strider, PG, Frodo wonders how Strider got his name.

Sun, G, Frodo and Faramir discuss the rubble that was Minas Tirith after the quest.

The Elanor Bloom, PG, A friendship between a Ranger from the North and a hobbit on a perilous quest is forged.

The Journey of the Lady's Phial, G, A series of vignettes that follow Galadriel's phial with Frodo and Sam.

The Music of Laughter, G, Sam feels joy upon discovering that Frodo has survived the quest.

The Rose in the Courtyard, G, I wondered if movie!verse Gondorian Rangers would have felt any guilt from their rough treatment of the hobbits in Ithilien after everything was over and they found out what Frodo and Sam had done to save M.E.

The Swamp Troll, G, A moment of friendship between Frodo and Sam (as well as Merry and Pippin), in the time just after Frodo came to live at Bag End. Written with Trianne's daughter! :-)

The Thief, PG13, Frodo is arrested for mushroom thieving in Bree. Warning: Even though there's no slash here, there are some sexual situations mentioned...and some violence.

The Watch, PG, In Minas Tirith, Frodo has an accident that frightens his friends to the core.

Warmth, G, Written for dear Nivina, who died tragically in February 2005, may she find peace, who requested sick!Frodo and worried Aragorn.

Wonders of the World, G, Why Gandalf chose to show fireworks to the hobbits.

Yule Morning, G, Yule and toddler!Frodo. Needless to say, major fluff.

Completed Multi-chapter Fics

A Simple Trip to Bree A young Frodo and Merry sneak a trip to Bree. Trouble ensues. PG13

By individual chapters:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Bound Frodo gets lost in Minas Tirith and lands in a bit of trouble, PG13

By individual chapter:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Clear Shot Faramir and Boromir are on a hunting trip just inside the Shire. Boromir accidentally shoots a hobbit, PG13

By individual chapters:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11

Cold, Dark Nights Frodo cuts his finger on a contaminated knife and develops an infection just before Bree. PG13

By individual chapters:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Estel's Shire Friend Frodo and Aragorn (Estel) meet and become unlikely friends. Pre-LOTR.

By individual chapter:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Mushrooms Frodo finds mushrooms in Hollin -- with dire consequences, PG.

By individual chapter:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3


Chasing Stars, PG13, A few days outside of Rivendell, Frodo makes a horrifying discovery that will change the course of the quest.

By individual chapters:
Chapter 1

A White Coverlet to Cool a Hobbit's Toes G, After the quest, Frodo observes snow on the top of the mountain. He remembers Caradhras and wants to experience it under better circumstances.

By individual chapters:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

The Shire Slave PG13, Pre-coming of age, Frodo is kidnapped and sold to Anborn of Gondor to be brought to Denethor as a toy for his sons.

By individual chapters:

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7


I'm so glad you are posting "Clear Shot." That one is a heart-breaker and remains one of my favorite stories. I still can see Bilbo riding the cart into town...

awww...I really enjoyed writing that story -- good memories, good memories! :-) Thank you, dear! ;-)

YAY!!! I missed your fics :)

Thank you!! :-) I've missed having them in any semblance of organization! :-)

Just started a bit of Cold, Dark Nights Chapter 1
--it's intense i must say--- awwww Frodo! ::goes to heal him::

aww...thanks! That was my very first hurt/comfort fic that I wrote in 2002. :D

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

naww..thank you!

I think my complete catalog can be found on


I'm not sure that everything is here.