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Claudia's Cove [userpic]
Multiple pairings, other pairings

Below you will find various pairings, including Frodo/Merry, Frodo/Halbarad, Frodo/Orc, Faramir/OFC. Also you will find toward the bottom, multiple pairings.

Frodo/Halbarad Stories

Short Stories

Captive, R AU! Frodo is accused of an unspeakable crime and is handed over to a Ranger.

Holding Moonlight, R A starry-eyed hobbit meets a wandering Ranger in the woods of the Shire.

The Little Hobbit, PG A take-off on The Little Mermaid. Frodo longs to be like Bilbo and be able to travel the wide world outside the boundaries of the Shire, especially when he becomes intrigued by a Ranger named Halbarad. Widow Brandybuck, known for her enchantments, can help. (Written for a Waymeet challenge).

Harsh, PG13 Frodo bears a child on Caradhras. Crack!fic. warnings: Mpreg

Works in Progress

Ranger from the North

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three, Chapter Four Chapter Five (coming soon).


Never Forever Alone, R Merry’s heart has been given to Frodo, but at what price? Written for a hobbit_smut challenge.

Golden Light, R At the end of his life, Merry remembers love and light. (Warning: canon character death)

Other Pairings

Amara, PG Faramir/OFC. Faramir relates a haunting tale from his youth to Frodo. (Warning: some het) Written for a Hobbit_smut challenge.

A Lesson to be Learned, PG13 Frodo/Orc. Frodo learns a valuable lesson from an unlikely source. NOT to be taken seriously, pleez.

Multiple Pairings

The Holbytla A hobbit finds himself in a village in Rohan, with no memory of anything, except for his name. R

Chapter 1

The Sullying of Frodo, NC17 Aragorn, Boromir, and Faramir all want excessively sweet, naive, innocent, inexperienced Frodo.

Bonding by Numbers, R After the Council of Elrond, Elrond has gotten tired of all the bickering among the fellowship. He has a plan to help the fellowship bond. Pippin has a better plan.

Hobbit Pleasures, NC17 Frodo/Aragorn, Frodo/Eomer. Written for a Ringfest challenge. Celebration after the quest! Everybody gets smashed, including your pairing. Imprudent behavior abounds.

Completed WIP

Bree GamesThere are some roads Frodo should never have taken.
A/N: This is probably my ultimate in Frodo filth. Prostitution, graphic sex, other crimes to
Tolkien, mpreg? Heh. Not yet, but I'm open to it. I mean, I'm RILLY going to Tolkien Hell for this one. Please read warnings!

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3


Hee! Does this list ever bring back memories! Cheers.

*giggles* I'm having so much fun with this organization! :-)