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Claudia's Cove [userpic]

Below you will find my Frodo/Sam fics. There is not too much of it, and more shall be added as I find and upload more of it.

Frodo/Sam Stories

Short Stories

Laughter in the Shadows, R. Anniversary illness post-quest…Sam does his best to comfort.

Snag, PG Sam doesn’t want to lose Frodo again.

Gleam, R Sam has the Ring.

The Enchantment of Snow, R Frodo and Sam enjoy a rare, snowy day.

Multi-chapter Stories

Under the Starlight A series of gap fillers. (Incomplete. Will probably never be completed, although miracles do happen).

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Works in Progress

Samwise the Healer Frodo is devastated after his perceived failure at Mount Doom. Sam has an odd way of trying to help. WARNING: BDSM, kink.

Chapter 1


How wonderful is this? There's a lot to read , this makes me very happy. and it's Frodo and Sam *sigh*
Thank you sweetie!

Thank you, sweetie! Alas, I don't have much Frodo/Sam...although there are some gen fics that have Frodo and Sam interacting I think...(but I don't have my gen fics as well organized yet! :-))