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Claudia's Cove [userpic]

Below you will find the series Too Long to Wait. The pairing is Frodo/Aragorn. The premise is that Frodo has chosen not to sail and instead to live with Aragorn in Minas Tirith. Ten years of relative bliss have passed...and then the loving couple get the shock of their lives.

I've tried to put them into relative order here. Drabbles are mixed in with longer stories. I will label drabbles as such.

Too Long to Wait

The Beginning Frodo and Aragorn live in peace in Gondor after the quest.

First Month, G, Drabble.

The News Frodo faints during a council meeting and Frodo and Aragorn get the shock of their lives.

Night Thoughts Frodo and Aragorn get used to the idea of Frodo being with child.

Fear, G, Drabble.

So Tired, G, Drabble.

Breeches Suddenly, Frodo can no longer button his breeches.

Well Fed, G, Drabble.

Blood and Pain Frodo helps Koslorn the Healer at the scene of a tragic birth.

The Pony A minor accident frightens Aragorn.

Sweet Aragorn Frodo feels moody, and Aragorn is gentle.

Hip Massage, PG, drabble.

Guard Talk Frodo gets overly weary on a walk around the Citadel and has a dangerous fall.

Of Names A discussion on what to name the baby.

Kicks G, Drabble. Aragorn feels the baby kicking.

Soothed Making love is still possible.

Belly Itch, G, Drabble. Frodo's belly itches.

An Unpleasant Remedy Frodo has an embarrassing problem.

The Picnic Frodo and Aragorn share a peaceful outing.

Anniversary Illness Frodo falls very ill on March 13.

Happy New Year It's Gondorian New Year's.

Massage Aragorn eases some of Frodo's discomfort.

Foot Rub, G, Drabble. Aragorn helps Frodo with swollen feet.

A Few Days Before, G, A series of drabbles that take place a few days before the birth.

Breathe, G, Drabble. Aragorn does not like the sound of Frodo's labored breaths.

Last Peaceful Night The birth is very imminent. Aragorn is fretful.

It Begins Frodo goes into labor.

The Birth Frodo's birth is long and dangerous.

Ellohir Frodo gets to hold his son at last.

Echoes in the Darkness Frodo lingers between life and death.

In the Days Just After Aragorn agonizes while Frodo struggles to survive.

Holding Ellohir, G, Frodo and Aragorn marvel over their tiny babe.

A Bath About a week after the birth, Aragorn helps Frodo take a bath.

Coo, G, Soon after Ellohir's birth Frodo hears the best sound from him.

Bath, G, Aragorn tries to give Ellohir a bath.

At Last, NC17, Frodo and Aragorn take some pleasure after an exhausting night of feasting.

Sneeze, G, Ellohir finds sneezing funny.

Song of Starlight, G, The family enjoy a sweet summer night.

The Buggy, G, Two boys frighten Ellohir when Frodo takes him around in his buggy.

Forgiveness, PG13, Frodo is forgetful, Aragorn is upset, and Ellohir falls ill.

Crawling, G, Ellohir learns to crawl.

Hurray, G, Ellohir is proud of himself.

Star of Love Frodo experiences love and chocolate on a special day.

Fo'o, G, Ellohir speaks.

Sturdy Legs Ellohir takes his first steps.

The Box A new toy frightens Ellohir.

Fireworks, G, The family watch fireworks as the New Year comes in.

The Swing Aragorn sets up a swing in the Courtyard.

The Fever, G, Frodo is worried about a sick Ellohir.

A Royal Mess, PG, Ellohir comes down with a stomach bug at just the wrong time and spreads the love.

In All the Kingdom, PG, Sometimes Frodo and Aragorn long for things they can't have.

Of the Sea and Seahorses The family takes a trip to the Bay of Belfalas.

The Windstorm Frodo meets a mysterious stranger on the beach on the Bay of Belfalas who warns them of an impending danger.

Letter to Sam, G, Frodo thanks Sam for a gift for Ellohir.

Greeting Aragorn Frodo and Ellohir face danger in the City.

The Tantrum A family outing turns unpleasant when Ellohir throws a big tantrum.

My Turn, G, Ellohir wants a turn at having his feet massaged.

Finger, G, Drabble. Ellohir is too young to hear some things.

Another Frodo approaches Aragorn about possibly giving Ellohir a sibling.

Mathom, G, Drabble. Aragorn prepares a mathom for his birthday.

Brave Hobbits Ellohir has a rough start to the day and learns something special about Frodo and hobbits in general.

Amid the Falling Snow Minas Tirith is coated in snow and ice. What better fun than ice-skating.

A Lizard Named SamEllohir finds a lizard.

The Snowflake Cloak, PG, Ellohir has a pair of shears.

The Present, G, Ellohir gives Frodo a present.

The Starglass Frodo comforts Ellohir during a thunderstorm.

Ellohir's Idea, G, Ellohir helps Frodo through an illness.

The Pumpkin Party Ellohir discovers jack-o-lanterns and hobbit parties.

Just a Dream, PG, Frodo has a frighteningly painful dream.

Scar, G, Ellohir asks Frodo about some of his scars.

A Grand Feast, PG, Frodo pulls together a Shire tradition of feasting.

Yule in the Shire, G, Frodo and Aragorn let Ellohir see the Shire during Yule.

Ellohir's Birthday Ellohir overhears something that devastates him -- Aragorn and Frodo comfort him.

Lily, PG, Drabble. Ellohir brings something of beauty to a sick Frodo.

The Web G, Drabble. Ellohir is afraid of a spider web.

Sam's Visit Sam comes for a visit, and Ellohir gets to meet other hobbits.

Every King Needs a Purry Furry G, Aragorn finds a companion while Frodo and Ellohir are on holiday.

NewCaramel G, Frodo and Ellohir make Yuletide caramel.

Ellohir the Brave PG, Ellohir's kitten gets loose, Frodo does something foolish, and Ellohir saves the day.

Good Companion, G, Ellohir loves his kitty.

Mouse's Problem, G, Ellohir is worried about Mouse.

Bouncing Kittens, G, Ellohir has a lovely dream.

Menagerie, G, Ellohir likes to bring home lost and hurt animals.

A Series of Yule Drabbles Through the years, the small family celebrates Yule.

Hide-n-Seek Ellohir wonders what advantage Frodo's Elvish cloak would give him in hide-n-seek.

The Birthday Surprise, G, It's Aragorn's birthday.

An Upset Stomach, G, poor Frodo has had a rough New Year's Eve.

Comfort Food, PG, Fever has swept through Minas Tirith...Frodo and family need comfort.

Sunrise, G, Ellohir has a special surprise for Frodo.

Frodo's Secret, G, Frodo has a very important secret to tell Ellohir and Aragorn.


I distinctly remember a discussion about Ellohir receiving a little brother or sister. Not to pressure you, or anything. *poke* *POKE!*

hee hee! :-) First I have to get all of the Ellohir episodes up! :-D *hugs*

Ok, I'll wait. I'm anxious to see how you have our sweet Aragorn break his vow never to have Frodo again. (I hated that vow - it so limited their romantic encounters!) I want to see if Frodo tricks him, or seduces him, or gets him drunk, or what Maybe you could borrow barandiun's delightful "Gondorian Riding Jackets" ficlet and have one break.

errr ... perhaps I have given this too much thought...
waiting in eager anticipation (and hoping for lots of NC-17 details)
*hugs you back*

oooh, I like your ideas! :D I've actually been musing over that myself...just how WOULD Frodo get him to break his vow...:-) Wicked! :-)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Thank you! :-) *blushes*

Are you going to post links to all chapters here?

*putting this in memories*

Yes! I'm working on it! :-D I got a few more today! :-D

I love this series! It's my favorite Aragorn/Frodo fic. I can't wait for more additions! Thanks so much for sharing! ^-^

Thank you very much!!! :-) This is a universe I like to delve into every now and again! :-)

another child?

I love this story and hope you continue with it for a long time. Are you going to give them another child? I can’t wait for the next chapter?

Re: another child?

I always love to add to this universe! :-) And I have considered a second child...just don't have the plot quite worked out, yet! Thank you so much!

I absolutely love this series. Is there any chance of continuing it? And is there a reason a few of the chapters are locked? I would very much like to read the last one. :)

oh wow, thank you so very much!!

If you go to my journal and to my tags:


There is a tag for "too long to wait". There should be every possible drabble or ficlet I wrote in this series! :) I revisit this series from time to time and add to it. I just wrote a little ficlet for shirebound's birthday in March, in fact! :)

I will friend you, if that is okay! I like to know another mpreg person! :)

Of course! I've friended you back and I found the rest of the series. Thank you much!

Poking this because ZOMG we met on April 18!!! Our anniversary is coming up! I need to bookmark this or something.

And THIS is what I was going to link in the FFFC because the last chapter is WHERE YOU LEFT OFF. BEFORE I FRIENDED YOU.

And I love that you asked to friend me first because I'm such an antisocial asshole. Seriously. And I tend to ask before I friend people back, anyway....



awwwww.....This is SO SWEET!!!! *grins and loves* I knew it was in 2010ish but couldn't remember exactly when!


So it is now two years later and HIGH time you write the fic that comes after http://claudia603.livejournal.com/1637180.html this one.


All right! I think I will make a little section after that my first fan fic writing priority this weeK! :)) Yah, going to shut myself out of internetz again, starting at 8 a.m. and going until 8 p.m.!

You know what I've done so far today? Three guesses.


If you SERIOUSLY can't imagine HOW I might ACCIDENTALLY spend TWO HOURS, then I'll email you.

Point is? I'm ridiculous. And I need to get to work.

All we need is 100 words me dear!

A funny story about this story XD

On another site you archived this story in (possibly Baranduin's LOTR site, which I don't think is around anymore), you added a P.S. in your introductory author's note which, to my memory, read: "I can't believe I'm doing this".
And my first thought was: "Neither can I." XD

I have a confession to make; when I first read this, I was about twelve. The age at which I was actually naive enough to believe that if I told my mother I had just read a fic about Frodo being pregnant with Aragorn's child, she wouldn't barf.

I am now twenty and I still shudder at the memory of my mother's reaction upon being told about this fic. After years I have finally sought it out again to hopefully be able to tell you this, as you may find it pretty amusing that one of your fics could have caused such an uproar XD

Anyway, you're a wonderful writer and I must say, you were VERY daring to chance this kind of subject matter. It's good to see that so many people enjoyed it.

aww..Thank you so much! You might never see this, but I see I totally forgot to come back and thank you!