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Claudia's Cove [userpic]
Interspecies slash links

Ever wondered what all this interspecies slash business is all about? Ever wonder what the classics are and who the authors are, both past and present?

Below you will find compiled a list of interspecies slash stories, broken down by pairing. Each story has been chosen for one or more of the following reasons:

1. It is well-known in and possibly even out of interspecies slash circles.
2. Personal mood -- I just like the story or perhaps it was written for me and I was able to track down the link.
3. I think it does a good job of representing the pairing.
4. If it's one of my stories, it's one that people seem to remember a lot or maybe I'm just personally proud of it.

There are some interspecies fics/authors that may not be listed here. That might very well be because the rosiesamfrodo.com site is down and the story wasn't on any other archive. Or maybe it originally was on the Least Expected archive. Or maybe I just couldn't track down the link. Also it could be me being forgetful. I shall certainly add more as I think of them...

These aren't exactly recs, although I like a good deal of them, and a few quite a lot. You will also notice that these stories are Hobbit/Man heavy, and in particular, Frodo/Man. Well, I'm afraid that's just my personal specialty. I'm sure someone somewhere is compiling a long list of Aragorn/Legolas or Haldir/Gimli fics...

So...without further ado...*unveils*

Interspecies Classics


Equals by AK, NC17ish.
Summary: The events of the last meeting between Aragorn and Frodo as shown in the film.

Crime Spree by Alchemilla, PG.
Summary: Crack!fic written for ME, who wanted Rangers interrogating Frodo. Her first fic!

Company by Anastasia, NC17.
Summary: Bag End receives some unexpected visitors.

The Games We Play by AngieT, NC17.
Summary: Frodo and Aragorn like to role play.

Bloodflowers by Azrhiaz, PG.
Summary: Frodo gets ill in the Midgewater Marshes.

Embers by Azrhiaz, NC17.
Summary: Frodo and Aragorn on quest. Yummy.

A Storm of Moths by Belinda, NC17.
Summary: Frodo feels so small and inadequate. Strider has such warm, calloused palms.

Ringspell by Bill the Pony, NC17.
Summary: The Ring's subversive power tempts Aragorn. Warning: violent sex.

Too Long to Wait by Claudia, ratings vary.
Summary: Frodo lives with Aragorn in Minas Tirith after the quest. He becomes pregnant with Aragorn's child. This series follows the pregnancy, birth, and the subsequent life within the small, unlikely family. Warning: MPREG

Lamentable Stranger by Claudia, NC17.
Summary: Frodo and Strider have a sweet life together – until Frodo gets abducted by a friend who has become unhealthily obsessed with him.
Warning: non-con in chapters 15, 16

Trapped in Bree by Claudia, NC17.
Summary: Frodo arrives in Bree alone. Trouble escalates when a warrior lures Frodo into an abusive relationship, preventing him from continuing on his quest. warning: rape

The King's Halfling by Claudia, R.
Summary: After ROTK, Frodo and Aragorn live together in Minas Tirith. Frodo suffers with an increasingly inattentive Aragorn and accidentally gets involved in activity that is illegal.

Torn From a Map by Sophinisba, R.
Summary: Post-quest AU, Frodo says goodbye to the Shire and goes to meet Aragorn.

Beyond and the Combe Stories by Laura Mason, ratings vary.
Summary: It begins with a "what if" question, as do all Alternate Universe stories. What if Frodo had to leave Bag End and make his own way in the world? There are a lot of things to experience beyond the borders of the Shire.

On the North Downs by Laura Mason, R.
Summary: All you need to know is that Middle Earth is a lot like the Old West; Rangers are Marshals; and Frodo left the Shire at age 20 in search of adventure and fortune -- and wound up working in Bree's saloon, the Prancing Pony.

Echo of the Gladden Fields by Lily Baggins, NC17.
Summary: While traveling the Anduin, Frodo comes face to face with Gollum's devious ways.

Troublemakers by Lily Baggins, NC17.
Summary: The Prancing Pony of the movie is a much more sinister place than that described in the book. We all remember those nasty-looking men at the bar...they were plot bunnies that couldn't be ignored. Warning: non-con (not rape)

Child of Nimloth by Lily Baggins, PG.
Summary: Frodo comes up with a unique way to heal Aragorn post-quest.

Aragorn's Family Jools by Lily Baggins, R.
Summary: There's a hole in Aragorn's breeches.

A Middle Earth Mary Sue Tragedy by Lily Baggins, R.
Summary: The author makes a disgraceful Mary Sue.

Safe for a While by Mordelhin, R.
Summary: Frodo and Aragorn take comfort in each other in Lorien.

Violated Trust by Red Flaming Oracle, NC17.
Summary: Innocent Frodo is violated by someone he trusts dearly--Aragorn! Warning: rape, intentional bad!fic...but it's certainly a classic!

Broken Silence by Sophinisba, R.
Delicious drabbles.

Seven Year Itch by Trianne, NC17.
Summary: Frodo and Aragorn are living in domestic bliss in Minas Tirith. Well, they were...

Different Paths by Trianne, PG15.
Summary: Frodo and Aragorn's love stretches the miles.


In Plain Sight (Insert) by Abby Normal, R.
Summary: Written for me! Frodo/Faramir porn.

Wings of a Shadow by Aprilkat, R.
Summary: Frodo and Faramir search for mutual healing.

Safe Harbor by Baranduin, NC17.
Summary: Frodo’s meeting with Faramir in Ithilien and its consequences.

The Courtyard of the White Tree by Baranduin, NC17.
Summary: After the destruction of the Ring, Frodo meets Faramir again.

News from Umbar by Baranduin, PG13.
Summary: Set in the Courtyard of the White Tree universe. Frodo writes to Sam about a trying period in his and Faramir's lives.

Secrets by Baranduin, R.
Summary: Written for me! Frodo and Faramir have some secrets.

The Lantern Gift by Claudia, NC17.
Summary: Bilbo has sold Bag End and taken young Frodo with him to settle in Bree. Faramir has been banished by Denethor to keep the peace in Bree, which has been terrorized by ruffians.

The Citadel by Claudia, NC17.
Summary: An AU and yet…not. Frodo wakes in a strange village. He befriends a Ranger from Ithilien named Faramir.

The Fall of the Steward by Ithiliana, R.
Summary: An AU in which the Ring was never found.

Some Other End by Lexin, PG.
Summary: In an alternate universe, Boromir survived Amon Hen, Denethor was not driven insane by the palantír and Frodo is offered an unexpected reward.

Orphans by Mews1945, R.
Summary: In the new Settlement in Ithilien, Frodo and Faramir are creating a life together, when a spring storm brings them something special.

Watching Frodo by Trianne, PG15. Summary: This is very much an AU story. It's angsty. Set loosely in "The Two Towers", it deviates quite markedly from the original story. Warning: dark themes


Little One by Baranduin, NC17.
Summary: As the Ring goes south, Frodo and Boromir’s relationship evolves.

Blissful Nights by Claudia, R.
Summary: In Rivendell, Boromir and Frodo cannot deny an instant attraction.

Waking in Dreams by Danachan, NC17.
Summary: What is wanted but can never be.

Defeated by Deanna, R.
Summary: Boromir tries to take the Ring...and something else. warning: non-con

Gift by Laura Mason, NC17.
Summary: Frodo and Boromir meet again on a distant shore.

No Stain by Lily Baggins, PG.
Summary: Response to a challenge in which Frodo and Boromir celebrate a Middle-earth equivalent of Valentine’s Day.

Song and Shadow by Teasel, PG13.
Summary: As Frodo mourns for Gandalf in Lothlórien; Boromir confronts him, with
unhappy results.


A Sort of Healing by Baranduin, NC17.
Summary: Healing comes in different forms.

Claimed by Laura Mason, NC17.
Summary: Frodo and Eomer take comfort in one another after the quest.

Of a Hobbit and a King by Mews1945, G.
Summary: Frodo finds understanding in an unexpected place.


Rivendell Nights by Baranduin, Pairing: Frodo/Legolas, NC17.
Summary: Frodo and Legolas make some sweet discoveries.

Circumstances Beyond His Control by Nienna Calaquendi, Pairing: Frodo/Haldir, NC17.
Summary: While traveling through the Shire on a mission for Galadriel, Haldir crosses paths with Frodo under unusual circumstances.


Twice Given by Poncing Ponies, PG13.
Summary: They miss each other, they bicker, they eat Lunch, they talk about shoes.

No Windows by Telanu, R.
Summary: What if Gandalf took the Ring?


Men of Gondor by Laura Mason, NC17.
Summary: This is a dark one, folks. Just some missing scenes from The Two Towers, in the movie-verse,
Warning: rape

A Second Darkness by Mordelhin, NC17.
Summary: "...Hobbits as miserable slaves would please him far more than hobbits happy and free. There is such a thing as malice and revenge." The Shadow of the Past, FotR Warning: non-con

Beautifully Dangerous by Rubynye, NC17.
Summary: "Kiss me. I shall not break."

Multiple Pairings

The Sullying of Frodo by Claudia, NC17.
Summary: Aragorn, Boromir, and Faramir all want excessively sweet, naive, innocent, inexperienced Frodo

Of Hobbits and Men by Diamond, NC17.
Summary: Multi-pairing series. In Rivendell Frodo notices Aragorn's sadness at the unattainable Arwen and decides he needs comforting. (Also, Frodo/Sam, Merry/Eomer, Pippin/Faramir, Merry/Pippin, Sam/Boromir)

Keeping it Quiet by Mariole, NC17.
Summary: PWP, humor. Merry and Pippin scheme to get Frodo and Aragorn to acknowledge their true feelings for one another.


OMG, Rivendell Nights!

*snickers at self*

That's a great list! And oh man, you included Flaming Red Oracle and rightly so, it is a classic of its kind.

hee! I had to bring your elf fic in! :D

And yes...Flaming Red Oracle is very famous, isn't it? :D

Lily's going to kick my ass, isn't she, for that one fic??

But it's a classic, it has to be here! :D

Have to look at the rest tomorrow (it's erm, 3 am here!), but the Frodo/Eomer fics - oooh yes, all lovely ones! And damn but I'm a really, really sad case - it only takes one sentence, like the last line of "Of a Hobbit and a King", to set me off... *sniff*

Plus: A Second Darkness ROCKS (no pun intended)! I hope sometime soon mordelhin will be able to continue...

Yay! :-) Thank you! :-) have a good sleep!

This is so cool! Thank you for putting the links together. I hadn't realized that abby_normal or teasel had done any interspecies (apart from those F/F bits in "Frodo Hill").

Did you know that Telanu (somniesperus on LJ) is one of the "classic" authors of Harry/Snape fic? geniusartist raves about her Tea Series. I've read the first few chapters and it's really well written -- I'm told I haven't gotten to the really good parts yet though. Funny that she doesn't have any LOTR fic on her website.

And thank you so much for including my little drabbles. They so don't belong among the classics but hey, I'm not complaining!

Nobody who has done interspecies shall hide...*grimaces* :D

I did not know that about Telanu! Cool! I shall have to check her out! :-)

And as for your drabbles, they reminded me that you totally need to do a WIP interspecies slash fic. I have spoken. And thus it shall be. I've liked some of the ideas you've swung by me...:D

*applauds your work* Also, thanks :D

You know, whenever I see a link for "Beautifully Dangerous", I have to read it again. I really just love that story a whole lot.

I do still have the mostly current interspecies site. When I have its subdomain back, it'll be going right back up. When rsf went down, I stopped keeping up on things, of course. Which I shouldn't have, because I'll have a fun amount of backlog to go through.

Thank you! :-) I spent all day yesterday on it and I'm still looking at it and preening...I just love seeing all those lovely interspecies stories all right in front of my eyes! :D

And that will be cool when the big list of everything comes back! whew! :-) This one I tried to limit to more "classics" and personal taste, but that other one is -- wow. That one has EVERYTHING and that's a good thing!

*sob* No Labyrinth?

I'm TRYING to avoid WIPs for the most part...for now! :D BUt it doesn't mean it ain't good! :-)

You're amazing. I had no idea you had your own comm. I totally just googled "Red Flaming Oracle" and found this.

hee. I had actually forgotten about this! Have you seen my recs list? It's VERY updated. I haven't updated in a few years or finished it, but it's got some classics on it, too! :D


Bloodflowers fic is not available, can't find it anywhere :( Sad, so sad.

You know, I know the author, but she has been absent for a long time. Her website expired and she never put it back up and I think her fics are friends-locked on her journal. :( I'm sorry, but I'm not sure where else they would be...