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Claudia's Cove [userpic]
Frodo/Boromir fics

Below you will find my Frodo/Boromir fics. These fics run the gamut of "first time" book canon quest fics to wild alternate universe scenarios in which Boromir survives the War and he and Frodo live together in some obscure village in Gondor. Please heed warnings if any of this sounds like something you'd not want to read! :-)

Frodo/Boromir Stories

Short Stories

After the Market, NC17 Boromir survived the quest and is Captain of Gondor. Post fight sex is so…well, dirty.

Boromir's Gift, NC17 What if Frodo had come back when Boromir begged for forgiveness?

Silent Ache, R Post quest (Boromir is not dead and is the Captain of Gondor under King Elessar). Boromir and Frodo have fallen in love at the time of King Elessar’s coronation and have settled together in Minas Tirith, but the honeymoon seems to be over…AU -- obviously.

Golden, PG13 Frodo remembers Boromir while imprisoned in Ithilien.

Gathering Wood, NC17 A fight turns into so much more.

Grope, R Frodo and Boromir seek warmth in Moria.

Honor in Minas Tirith, PG13 WAY AU. Frodo and Boromir live together in Minas Tirith after the quest. Frodo is pregnant with his child. Boromir is a little too indifferent. King Elessar is concerned. WARNING: MPREG

Not a Mathom, PG13 WAY AU vignette about Frodo and Boromir post-quest. Boromir is the Captain of Gondor to the King Elessar. Warning: MPREG

Splinter, NC17 Written with Azrhiaz. Shameless kink porn. Yup, that about covers it. Well, except for the heaping helping of angst at the end. Sunshine and puppies! Except…not. Warning: rape, hurt/no comfort

Completed Multi-chapter Stories

Not Forgotten prequest, AU, Boromir goes to the Shire to capture a legend for his brother. PLEASE READ WARNINGS!

On the Banks of Calembel Post-war, Frodo and Boromir live in Calembel. Mostly PG13, but ratings vary. VERY alternate universe.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Blissful Nights In Rivendell, Boromir and Frodo cannot deny an instant attraction. Ratings vary.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Works in Progress

Rain Storm Frodo and Boromir meet in Rivendell and find one another to be intriguing companions.

Chapter 1