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Claudia's Cove [userpic]

Frodo/Faramir Stories

Below you will find my Frodo/Faramir fics. These fics run the gamut of "first time" book canon in Henneth Annun to wild alternate universe scenarios in which Frodo and Faramir live together in Bree or just gentle alternate universe scenarios in which Frodo and Faramir live together after the quest in Emyn Arnen to mpreg. Please heed warnings if any of this sounds like something you'd not want to read! :-)

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  1. Short Stories
  2. Completed Multi-chapter Stories
  3. Works-in-Progress (WIPs)
  4. Mpreg Stories (Male Pregnancy - be warned)
  5. Wing Fic (Frodo...with wings!)

Short Stories

Sliver-Moon, PG13, Living in Emyn Arnen, Frodo is homesick. Faramir has a special gift for him.

Moving to Emyn Arnen, G, A bit of silliness.

Bind His Hands, NC17. Frodo and Faramir are playful in Emyn Arnen.

Spring in Emyn Arnen, NC17. Two years after ROTK, Frodo and Faramir have made a life together in Emyn Arnen.

Return to Emyn Arnen, R. Kind of a sequel or a part (?) added to Spring in Emyn Arnen.

Stay, NC17. Frodo offers more than friendship to Faramir one night in Minas Tirith.

Under the Shade of Ithilien, PG13. Frodo and Faramir learn from each other at Henneth Annun.

The Citadel, NC17. An AU and yet…not. Frodo wakes in a strange village. He befriends a Ranger from Ithilien named Faramir. Written for the Frodo Spring Fic Challenge.

The Citadel: Into the Hills, PG13. Written in the Citadel universe. Frodo is sent to deliver a message into the woods during a terrible storm.

The Citadel: Home at Last, PG. Written in Citadel universe. Frodo is taken care of by the Rangers he lives with.

No Rest, PG. Faramir stands watch by Frodo's sickbed.

Completed Multi-chapter Stories


Heart Shadows, R. After the War, Frodo and Faramir reunite.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2


A Different Gift, PG13, An AU within my already AU Lantern Gift universe. Frodo and Faramir are living peacefully together in Bree. They get unexpected news. Warnings: MPREG, graphic birth.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Wing Fic

Molting, PG, Frodo is molting. Faramir comforts him.