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Claudia's Cove [userpic]

Frodo/Aragorn Stories

Below you will find my Frodo/Aragorn fics. These fics run the gamut of "first time" book canon to wild alternate universe scenarios in which Frodo and Aragorn live together in Bree and face ruffians, to male pregnancy. Please heed warnings and read story summaries to make sure that a particular story is something you'd want to read! :-)

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  1. Short Stories
  2. Completed Multi-chapter Stories
  3. Works-in-Progress (WIPs)
  4. Mpreg Stories (Male Pregnancy - be warned)
  5. Too Long to Wait

Short Stories

To the Victor Go the Spoils, NC17, Frodo needs a diversion from his fear between Bree and Weathertop. Aragorn turns out to be a good diversion. (written for a hobbit_smut challenge)

Cure for a Headache, R, Post-quest, Aragorn helps a tipsy Frodo after he becomes drunk on mulled wine…(written for a hobbit_smut challenge)

Parley, R, Frodo and Aragorn practice sword fighting in Lorien.

The Stairwell, NC17, Strider and pre-LOTR Frodo meet in Bree--under very different circumstances.

A Tumble in the Mud, NC17, Frodo and Aragorn. In a rainstorm in Lorien.

Fallen Star, R, Post-quest, Aragorn helps a grieving Frodo. (written for the Frodo Spring Fic Challenge)

Through the Clouds, NC17, Frodo/Aragorn, first time, on quest.

Completed Multi-chapter Stories

Courtship This is total crack fic in that I wrote it purely for fun, Frodo/Aragorn in Bree.

By individual chapter:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9

The King's Halfling After ROTK, Frodo and Aragorn live together in Minas Tirith. Frodo suffers with an increasingly inattentive Aragorn and accidentally gets involved in activity that is illegal. Ratings vary, mostly PG13. VERY Alternate Universe (AU).

By individual chapter:
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Trapped in Bree During the quest, Frodo arrives in Bree alone. Trouble escalates when a warrior lures Frodo into an abusive relationship, preventing him from continuing on his quest. PLEASE HEED WARNINGS on individual chapters. Mostly rated R. Very alternate universe (AU).

By individual chapters:
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Bree GamesThere are some roads Frodo should never have taken.
A/N: This is probably my ultimate in Frodo filth. Prostitution, graphic sex, other crimes to
Tolkien, mpreg? Heh. Not yet, but I'm open to it. I mean, I'm RILLY going to Tolkien Hell for this one. Please read warnings!

By individual chapter:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3


Land of the Moon, PG, Frodo returns to Minas Tirith two years after the quest.

By individual chapters:

Chapter 1

Arranged Marriage, R, Frodo to be married to Aragorn? What could lead to this?

To individual chapters:

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Heart's Journey Frodo and Aragorn romance on quest, varies in rating.

To individual chapters:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

MPREG Stories

One Night of Peace, PG13, Down on Luck universe. Frodo faints in a busy market. A Ranger is on hand to help.

Without a Name, PG13, Lily requested
post-birth care. Frodo gives birth in a seedy inn. Strider saves the day. 'nuff said. :-)

Night of Pain, R, Frodo giving birth in jail. What more do you expect?

Dank, R, Frodo got more than he bargained for from consorting with rough men in Bree. Strider can help. WARNINGS: MPREG, STDs, OOCness, trashiness...read at own risk!!!

A Gift for New Year's, PG13, Frodo gives birth to Aragorn’s baby as Gondor’s New Year rolls in…WARNINGS: Graphic. (Written for the Frodo Spring Fic Challenge).

Down On Luck There are roads Frodo should never have taken…trash!fic… Tolkien continues to spin in his grave on my account. Possibly graphic sex, other crimes to Tolkien, MPREG, slutty!Frodo… Frodo gets knocked up in Bree.

To individual chapters:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

The Most Ridiculous Luck Sequel to Down on Luck. Uh-oh. Frodo's pregnant with twins. PG13. MPREG.

To individual chapters:
Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Too Long to Wait

Too Long to Wait, Post Quest -- Frodo lives with Aragorn in Minas Tirith after the quest. He becomes pregnant with Aragorn's child. This series follows the pregnancy, birth, and the subsequent life within the small, unlikely family. These vignettes are written out of order, at will, although I try to keep them in time order. Ratings vary. Warnings: Obviously -- MPREG.

What happened with the stories??

Tell me what happened with the stories Down on Luck & Night of Pain & The King's Halfling & Courtship? Why did you deleted them? I remember I was reading them few years ago. And now that I return to your stories to read them again I did not find them (I did not even down). Please, if you would be willing to publish it again (what you would certainly not do happy just me)) or at least post it to me (izabela.mekare@gmail.com).

I love your Aragorn / Frodo stories very much and I hope to continue the Arranged Marriage.

Re: What happened with the stories??

SorrY! Will do! I had to take some down for personal reasons, but I can email them to you! Give me a bit of time to get organized. :)

Re: What happened with the stories??

Thank you. I've been trying to find the most of your work. So I miss only: Courtship; Lamentable Stranger and One Night of Peace..

Re: What happened with the stories??

If its not too much trouble would you also be able to email them to me as well please?

I love the Frodo/Aragorn pairing but theres so few stories of them together and I'm running out of things to read!

My email is megosullivan@hotmail.com

Question & a sincere request

I’ve been reading your fics for quite a while and I really love Frodo/Aragorn. It’s such a pity that there is precious little of it, and you write one of the best FA fics ever. EVER. Sorry, I just had to. So, I just found this post for your FA stories (or probably rediscovered, since I find that I’ve already read a lot of them :((((() and I keep getting redirected to an access denied page. I did join the community and that seemed to help me get to the down on luck and ridiculous luck series, but I cannot seem to get through to works such as One Night of Peace, the Stairwell. Is there a specific requirement I need to meet in orderto see it?? I would really love to enjoy all your works, so please please help me ;A; if it isn’t too much to ask, I would also like to read A Gift for New Year’s( it keeps leading me to this page called hugedomain and I have no idea what to do...)
Thank you so so much.

Re: Question & a sincere request


Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my fic!! It's been a long time since I've been writing in the F/A realm, although I miss it terribly and wish there was more of it myself! ;)

I friended you on LJ. For some reason some of the stories and chapters ended up defaulting to friends locked. Also, here is a better page for links to those stories, I think:


I hope that helps! ;)

Hello, a new fan of yours!

Hello, Claudia! I am a new LOTR fan and I've come along your fics just a few days ago, and I'm so obsessed with them, oh my. Your writing is so good and I just can't get enough of them 😩

I have noticed that some of your fics are locked ? I'm new to this site (Wide-eyed beginner) but if it's not a bother, may I ask if there's a way I can be allowed access (only if it's ok) because such a pity I can't devour all your Frodo/Aragorn fics hahaha they're simply scrumptious (aka the best ever). Fics that cant be accessed are: The King's Halfling, Lamentable Stranger, Courtship, etc.

Can this be remedied if we friended in this site ? And if so, uhh pretty pretty please I really love your writing oh my god I could cry just for the chance to read them. I'm confined in the hospital and your fics have been my lovely companion, I fear they've wormed into my heart so terribly.